Booking, Rescheduling & Cancellation Policy

LAST MODIFIED: 6/15/2023

HandyBuddy's booking, rescheduling, cancellation & policy for all on-site services is as follows:

Once you have been successfully matched with a preferred provider by HandyBuddy, the provider will reach out to you to confirm your appointment preference:
i.  As soon as the matched provider accepts your request at your specified appointment preference, you become eligible for a one-time booking fee. This fee is as follows:
  • $95 for requests totaling less than $495 
  • $195 for requests totaling $495-$995 
  • $245 for orders greater than $995
This booking fee reduces the total amount due upon project completion by the same amount. Your quote is still what was shared at the time you placed your order. If you are not satisfied with the assigned installer, let us know and we can re-assign your order to another installer. If for whatever reason, you are still not satisfied with the assigned installer, your booking fee will be waived (see below).
ii.  In the event the provider is unable or unwilling to meet your scheduling preference, the booking fee may be waived.
iii. Waiver of the booking fee in the event of an order cancellation is possible under certain circumstances, depending upon the situation (e.g. provider rescheduled, technician did not show up, product arrived damaged, etc) and at the sole discretion of HandyBuddy. However, we may request proof to substantiate your reasons to waive the fee in order for it to be considered. You changed your mind or decided to do it yourself is not a valid reason to have booking fee waived.

Customers always have the option to reschedule a confirmed appointment to a future date in the event if circumstances beyond their control arise.
i. If nobody is home to receive us on the day/time of the scheduled appointment window and we are unable to complete the service, you may be subject to a $50 no-show fee.
Customers may cancel a scheduled on-site service appointment at their own discretion at any time, free of any additional charges, subject to the following conditions:
i.  If you cancel an order after you have been successfully matched with a provider, you are subject to a booking fee as outlined by the policy above. We strongly encourage you to carefully consider your cancellation request based upon the HandyBuddy policies as this can affect a provider's standing on the Expert Marketplace.
iI. If you attempt to cancel an order in which service is already in-process (ie. provider/installer has arrived on-site), we will pro-rate the amount of the service completed and apply that to the card on file.

To cancel a service request, you need to login to your HandyBuddy account and request the cancellation online. We do not accept cancellation requests via email, chat or over the phone. Once a request has been canceled successfully, any authorization placed by us will be released and we will notify your financial institution to release the hold immediately (less any applicable booking fees).

In the event an item is missing parts, damaged or the area is not ready for the service and the the expert needs to return to the job site on another day, you may be charged a $60 trip fee.  Circumstances evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
By submitting a request with us online, you have explicitly given your agreement with the above booking, rescheduling & cancellation policy.