HandyBuddy Partner Program


Many leading brands have successfully partnered with us to provide their customers with turn-key nationwide solutions for getting quotes and booking certified local assembly & installation, repair and support pros for their products.  Set-up is simple and can be done in days, not weeks or months!

The HandyBuddy Difference

As a platform (not a service provider), we are able to provide unique and unparalled "headless" technology solutions such as a full library of APIs like quotes and availability that optimize the customer experience.


Our platform allows websites to pass us exact product descriptions, customer location and more so that your customer doesn't have to re-enter their entire product configuration and service location on a separate site.

Our website is full of reviews of the exact service customer's are requesting - right there on the quote page. That way your customers have the confidence that we've done it before and that we always deliver 5-star service.


And we have a robust workflow engine that keeps the customer informed via SMS (should they opt-in) and email every step of the fulfillment journey so they are not left wondering what's happening with their request.

Our Expert Marketplace is filled with preferred providers that know how important it is to uphold the promise of 5-star service. So in addition to top-rated installers, customers also get top-rated customer service.


And finally we stand behind the service we provide with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That means that we make sure the job is done right before the provider gets paid. Ensuring that they have the proper skin in the game.

Key Highlights

E-Commerce Integration

Add a simple checkbox to your product pages on your website to let customers express interest in getting professional Assembly & Installation. Leverage our end-to-end shopping cart APIs or our Smart URLs will route your customers' at checkout to the exact service page, size (and zip) to minimize keystrokes. Giving shoppers this option at the point of sale can greatly increase conversion rates and reduces returns.

Custom HandyBuddy Landing Pages

To make getting quotes easy for all consumers, we give all partners a fully brand-specific landing page with all options for assembly, installation and set-up of their products listed in one place. From this page, customers simply need to select the product they are about to purchase to get an instant quote.

Exclusive Access to Our Expert Marketplace

Selective membership into our Expert Marketplace ensures that only the industry's best and most capable 5-star providers would be putting your products together. We partnered with leading regional and national installation services companies rather than focus on the gig economy workers most common with those so-called TASK apps.

State-of-the-art Order Fulfillment Management Platform

Our robust order fulfillment platform was designed and architected from the ground up to maximize automation. Orders are only offered to providers in our expert marketplace based upon provider performance and technician availability. This state-of-the-art platform enables providers to completely manage orders from start to finish with minimal manual interventions. The customer and provider are continuously notified of steps along the fulfillment process to ensure a seamless customer experience.

Get in touch with a member of our business development team and give us a try! We're certain you'll be impressed with the results!


Providers/experts: Go to expertmarketplace.org/join-us to submit an application