How It Works

How it Works

We'll match you with the nearest and most qualified assembly, installation and tech set-up & support experts from our industry-leading Expert Marketplace based upon your scheduling preference and skills/ratings of the experts.

Wondering Where To Start or How To Schedule? First Locate The Service You Need

Start by searching our site's extensive online catalog to find your exact project - including options and ADD-ONs.  Locate the search box on top right of every page. Or you can use the LINKS on the navigation menu (top of page) to locate the service you need an expert for.  Once you have found the service you neeed online, follow the steps below...  

Get a No-Haggle Online Quote

On each Quote page, you will see a specific price for your project. The price for the service depends on your location and the options and/or ADD-ONs you select. The price you see quoted on the service details page is not an estimate. It's a firm, no-haggle quote. And you can see reviews from other customers who have used this particular service right on this quote page!

Choose Your Appointment Preference

If you have a scheduling preference, from the quote page click the APPT. PREFERENCE button located right below the quote. The first available date will be first date you can select. Choose your preference (this is optional) and click RETURN TO QUOTE > when done. Click the FIND AN EXPERT > button to get matched with a local expert on that date.

Verify Your Request & Book Online

If experts are available in your area, you can request a match by clicking the BOOK NOW button on the next page. To finalize your request, fill out your service details on the last page, then click SUBMIT.

Get Matched

After your request has been placed and received, the HandyBuddy Service Desk gets to work. They search our extensive Expert Marketplace database of preferred providers and match you with background-checked and certified local experts.  Matching is done based on skills required, your scheduling preference and availability.

Stay Informed

Once a match is made you will get notified via email and we'll share the provider's contact info with you at that time. You will also receive email/SMS updates (depending upon your communication preferences) throughout the fullfilment process. In addition, you will be able to login to your HandyBuddy account at any time to track the status of your request.

Get Done and Provide Feedback

When the job is done, we will text you (depending upon your communication preferences) and email you asking if the service has been completed to your satisfaction. If not, the provider will return to address any outstanding issues. Payment due will be collected securely based upon the payment method we have on file with you. The provider isn't paid unless/until we know you are 100% satisfied with the job completed.

And unlike those other "on-demand" platforms, we aren't a lead-generation service - no estimates; no back and forth with questions about your project. Just submit a request and get done.